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Artist Statement

My artistic journey began by documenting photographic journeys in dismissed urban areas. These places, apparently abandoned, create a symbiosis between man and nature with striking metamorphoses of shapes and colors. I approach my research through paintings, sculptures, and installations. I recreate those chromatic and aesthetic sensations through pigments and rust, forcing the aging processes. Using simple elements of recovery, such as nails and iron wire, I describe the imperfect condition of man and the states of malaise that lead to disease, up to the point of creating escape routes with imaginary maps. I Describe portions of space in which I enclose grotesque machines that attempt to feed fossilized plants. I nourish artificial plants with the sun and create shadows of memories projected onto glass cases as a reminder of something that has vanished. I try to make the Strong tone of the messages I send harmonious and pleasant. The intent is to capture attention for a moment of reflection amidst so much noise and indifference.


Travel-Nature-Time-Reflections: the themes that have characterized your artistic but also represent the passages that have touched your skin and soul, imbuing your life with meaning. They are Strong jobs, hard at times anchored to African dimensions where the creeping animals change skin, leaving on the arid ground that remains of a body that runs away: the wrap, the imprint, the dress, the memory.
It is this the dominant theme of your to-do; the everything lowered inside an undisputed will to read inside, to observe out, to analyze all the possibilities for new writing, a sign that engraves that staples that testify the passage from a state to stay, from an impatience to the pure suffering till to emulate it and to make it lyric so that your cry rises high. You talk of the pain and the suffering as a gift and ask if it is necessary to divulge the quality inherent cathartic to come at a "benevolent" to take care of themselves for then, together with the time that flies, it is the measure of all the things to come to a positive reflection on the own inner life to give listening, voice, perfume, and color at that more authentic that each of us has: own creativeness.


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Paths are built by traveling.